About Me

meredith yost wine consultant albuquerque pictureI am an Independent Wine Consultant with WineShop at Home, a Napa, California winery that sells its wines through in-home wine tastings. Since I lived in the middle of some of the greatest grape growing and wine producing areas in the world it was a natural for me to get involved with the fabulous world of wine and wine tasting. I recently moved my business from my native city of  San Jose, CA. to the beautiful Southwest city of Albuquerque, NM.

I had been in other direct sales business for 12 years before changing to
WineShop at Home and this is the most fun of them all.  I’ll help you and 8-15 guests  learn how to pick wines for your dining and entertaining enjoyment; get excellent pairing recipes and have a whole lot of fun at our edu-tasting event picking which of our excellent limited edition wines you would like to purchase and have on hand for yourself.